Saturday, February 16, 2013

Section 1: The Male Psychology, This Is How Men Think!

Real Secrets Of The Male Psychology Most Women Aren’t Aware Of…This Is How Men Think! If you are one of those females, who believes figuring out a man is hard as climbing Mount Everest then this might be the most important section for you. So I expect you to pay close attention here. I am going to start off by saying- Men are different than women…At this you may think! Well that’s no secret I already know that. Stop right there. This is a huge secret…Do you know why? A lot of women do know that men are different and have their own ways of doing things yet women always expect men to be a certain way. Even if you do claim to know that men are different but find yourself getting frustrated or irritated by certain things men do…Then you don’t really know anything much about them. Ever been in a situation where you were trying to get a point across to your man but no matter what you said…He never got it? And worse…It all ended up in a big argument which left you frustrated? You see every time you end up in such a situation…The core reason behind it is your lack of understanding of the male psychology…Now you may say! Ok…Why do you want me to do all the hard work? Why should I bother to understand him when he is not making any efforts himself? Well! If you want to see changes in your outside world…You first have to change your inner world and that would start by seeing things as they are…Not as you assume them to be. The best way is to start by studying the basic differences in how men and women think…Here are some things about men you might not have known before… Men are more logical, analytical, and rational whereas Women are more intuitive, creative & emotional… So in short…Men apply logic to everything whereas women see things from a more emotional perspective. This is the primary reason why men never talk unless there is an objective to talk. They need to see the point in doing something before they go about doing it. Whereas women tend to talk or share things even if there is no real point in sharing and talking. They don’t really need an objective or a purpose to feel the need to share and talk. A very common example of this is when women complain that their man doesn’t listen when the man doesn’t really see any purpose or big objective behind her talks. That’s why he considers it to be unnecessary chatter and often blames the woman So she keeps on complaining that he doesn’t listen while he keeps on complaining that she just nags him for every other thing. The problem here is a lack of understanding and nothing else. Men have a much more difficult time relating to their own feelings and never freely express it…Whereas women freely express their feelings and normally tend to have a wider range of feelings with greater intensity…This is why you don’t see men cry in situations where a woman would normally cry. Since women are more sensitive in comparison to men… They often label men as being too insensitive when dealing with certain situations. On the other hand men blame women for being overly sensitive towards the same issues. Men enjoy independence while women have needs for intimacy and connection… This is the main reason why it’s a lot harder for a man to commit in comparison to women. Most men don’t really think about settling down as much as women do. Men try to stay single before they find an extremely good reason to settle down. Men have a fear that they might get trapped if they commit too early due to which they often don’t commit at all. In later sections of this book…I will show you how to make a man commit even if he is reluctant to do so at first. To feel good, men must achieve goals by themselves… This is why it’s not a good idea to tell the guy what to do and what not to do. For men being able to do things by themselves is a sign of efficiency and strength. You will never see men freely talking about their problems since they consider it to be a sign of weakness. On the other hand…Women aren’t scared to freely discuss their problems and seek advice from various sources. In their world… Seeking advice isn’t a sign of weakness at all. But this is where the big conflict comes up…When a woman tries to give advice or help to a man…He interprets that as a sign of weakness therefore he assumes that you are indirectly telling him that maybe he isn’t good enough or he lacks something. In your world…Your intentions are to help him because you consider caring and sharing as a good thing…But they assume that you are trying to tell them that they can’t do things on their own and that is why you are offering corrective advice. And this is a big blow to their self-esteem. When such a thing happens they would either withdraw completely or argue with you. Something commonly known as the fight or flight response. So in other words…Men always want to be right. In later sections I will show you how to make a man take your advice without him getting defensive about it. There are several other differences but if I was to mention them all… This book will never end. I hope you get my point here. In order to land the man of your dreams and keep him attracted…You have to first make a few shifts in your thinking. Remember at the beginning I mentioned you have to suspend disbelief momentarily and open your mind to new things? This is the time when you should open the doors of your mind because some of the concepts I am going to discuss next might be a bit hard to digest.

Get ready!!

I've put together some more very interesting information for you ladies which will be posted tomorrow so get your pens and pads ready because here it comes!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Starting steps to getting your man

In other words, many things that women try to do in order to make a man like them actually causes the man to not like them at all. It rather repels them and makes them run away. I would explain the process on how this actually takes place in later sections of this blog so that you are able to avoid such situations in the future. This book is an effort to show you the core dynamics of how things work with men and how you can use it to your ultimate advantage. In addition, the best part is…You will get to learn what works and what doesn’t work with men without having to go through the old painful hit and trial route. By the time you finish with this book…You will have a perfect understanding of how to get the man of your dreams, design that perfect relationship you have always dreamed of and keep him attracted to you for as long as you want. I understand that for women finding the right guy can be as hard as looking for a Needle in a haystack. The very process of finding your potential mate can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming. First you have to find a guy who seems right…Then you have to do things to get him attracted…Then comes the time when you have to get more details about him to make sure he isn’t just another jerk. And the hardest of all is to make sure he remains attracted to you and then take things to the next level. I am sure even thinking about all this makes you extremely anxious and fearful but that only happens when you don’t know what to do. Humans experience anxiety and fear only when they encounter situations where they have no idea regarding what their next move should be. Nevertheless, you will learn what to do in this course…You will have perfect systematic understanding of what to do in various situations with men, which will only intensify their attraction for you from level to level. Now before we get to the real meaty stuff…I would like to give a small reminder. You will come across certain concepts in this blog which will feel alien to you…might be hard to believe and even impossible in some cases. But I expect you to suspend your disbelief momentarily. I want you to open up…And try these concepts out. At the same time, you will come across things where you will feel- Oh! I already know that! Let’s skip to the next part. If you go about learning this way…Then you will be wasting your time. Every portion of this blog is vitally important simply because one section forms the foundation of the next. And in case you skip one… You may not get the next at all. The other very important thing I want you to do is to put everything you learn here into practice. Many people read books…And never put anything into practice. Knowing and not doing is as bad as not knowing at all. Doing is what gets you the results…Doing is what takes you farther in life…Doing is what will get you the man of your dreams. So doing is everything. The only way to become an expert at this is to do more and analyze less…Do not let yourself get into internal conflicts where you never end up taking action. Always remember that action is everything. Nothing happens until something moves…Therefore I expect you to act on everything you learn in this blog. With that said…Let’s not waste more time and get to the first section…

The confused girl

This section of my blog is based on a book by James Scott, All the information I will give you is very helpful if you put it to use. Do Not sit on this information if you are looking to better your relationship or even find the man of your dreams. I put to practice all steps of this book and it made me a very happy woman!!!
I would like to start with a story…A story you might relate to in several ways. Once upon a time, there was a girl…Who was strongly attracted to this particular guy she was dating. At first…She assumed that he was just another guy but as time passed by and she got to know him more… Her attraction for him grew. And with time, this attraction grew into a strong emotional urge to be with this guy. But this was the tricky part. This is where she did not know whether the guy felt the same way about her or not. The very fact of not being sure about how he felt towards her made her get more and more insecure. Occasionally he would say things like- You are so beautiful, I really like you, but would follow that with attempts to get physical. Every time she showed resistance towards his moves or tried to stop him during his charge…He would act a bit frustrated and ignore her for several days. This further confused her. She thought that maybe getting more physically intimate would take things to the next level. Therefore, she let him have his way. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months but it did not seem like this was going anywhere. She knew something was wrong with the picture but could not figure out what. No matter what she did…This guy was not acting as if he was falling in love. Rather he acted more like a friend. After spending many days obsessing over this guy the girl decided to pop the big question. One day on the phone she asked him – So what do, you think about us? He had no idea what she was on about. She asked again – You never tell me how you actually feel towards me. You never talk about our relationship. He was still as cold as ice and did not really have much of an answer. And then she made a bold move…She confessed her true feelings for him…She told him how much she loved him and wanted to spend her life with him. Nevertheless, the guy responded and said – Well I am too busy with my career at the moment...I don’t think this would be the right time. This only confused the girl more…She didn’t really know what to make of it. Day and night, she thought… Does it really mean he loves me as well but he is scared of something? Does it mean I asked him too early? Does it mean he isn’t ready to commit at all? These questions were driving her mad…She had to get this all figured out before it was too late. She really had to be with this guy no matter what. She thought she did not try hard enough therefore she concluded that if she could show him how much she truly loves him…He would eventually commit to her. And this is where the whole drama started…She started calling him more often…Started mentioning what she truly felt about him, how much she loved him and how she just couldn’t live without him. And this is where the unthinkable happened. He stopped answering her calls…She would leave messages after messages on his answering machine but to no avail. It took her several weeks to reach him only to hear that he had been extra busy the last few weeks and isn’t going to have any free time to see her for the next month or so. She tried to get more details…And before she could say anything else…He said he had to go and hung up the phone. Now I don’t know whether you have been in this situation or a situation similar to this. But we all know how it ends right? Most women going through such a thing are left in the dark thinking… Was it something I said…? Was it something I did…? What was it that scared him off? And, eventually when they cannot really find a logical reason…They end up thinking…Oh well! This is how men truly are…They just want one thing. They only use women. All men are jerks. First of all! Let me get something straight here…not all men want just one thing and not all men are jerks. If that was the case…You will never see relationships or marriages taking place in our society. Thinking that men just want one thing is a myth that the society has hardwired into the female brain. The big problem is that women assume that men have the same thinking process as they do. Women assume that men want the same things as they do. They have not really spent much time trying to truly figure out men on a deeper level and actually understand how men think and why they do what they do. A sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome. Sorry to say this! But, this is exactly what many women out there do on a regular basis. A common example of this is the female who keeps on falling for the same abusive jerk over and over again. Only to discover once more that she has been cheated on/abused and taken advantage of yet again. Since many women do not understand men…What they assume should work actually ends up making things worse for them. Moreover, it’s no big surprise that they always end up confused because they do not understand how to handle different situations around men. You can never get a man to like you by confessing your love, convincing him to like you or chasing him around.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Tips and techniques to getting and keeping a man

I will be sharing with you tips and techniques I have learned to getting and keeping a man. A few psychological behaviors of the males mind. The way they think and why or why not they are attracted to certain women. Keep posted and I'll updated you with all the information you need.

When things go wrong!

When things go wrong.Get your boyfriend back, get the right guy for you, or even get your current boyfriend to take things to the next level. I use to be that girl. That girl who thought that all guys are jerks, that I always attract the wrong type, or maybe I'm not good enough for him, and that I would never find the right one. But thanks to resetting my mind and putting some techniques to the test I saved my relationship from a downfall and now I am happier than ever before! My boyfriend changed his ways and he even proposed.